WNET web sites

During my tenure producing for WNET between 2007 and 2012, while my primary responsibilities extended to sites for PBS.org, I also produced content and managed sites that promoted and housed content for local tristate programming and the station's educational initiatives. While I cannot guarantee my work from that time period has remained intact, I have listed distinguishing features for each site and a link to the current iteration, or archived version, of the series site.  


  • Weekly segments from the broadcast posted online for free viewing
  • A blog updated bi-weekly with reviews of theater, dance, film, and gallery shows in New York City
  • Special programming initiatives packaged for an online audience, like the documantary of Olafur Eliasson's Waterfalls installations in 2008.

Get the Math

  • Full episodes of the educational pilot program
  • Interactive modules that provided math exercises that apply the mathematic principles taught in the video  
  • Lesson plans for educators to use the online interactive and video resources in the classroom

Mission US

  • Site to house a long-form interactive role playing game that teaches US history
  • Timed trivia mini-game to help reinforce facts learned in the game
  • Comprehensive educator materials that explain how to implement the program and interactive in the classroom 

Reel 13

  • Weekly vote-based competition of user submitted shorts to choose one for broadcast and a small cash price
  • Regularly updated blog about the film industry
  • Catalogued trailers and information on all Indie and Classic movies aired as part of the Saturday night movie block on WNET

Reel New York Film Festival

  • Original short films cleared and catalogued online to view for free
  • Interviews with the filmmakers


  • Full documentary posted within a fully accessible player with closed captions
  • User generated video blog submissions from the disabled community discussing their experience
  • Educational resources to help businesses and educators understand issues around accessibility and methods of support for the disabled community.

The Jews of New York

  • Full streaming documentary, edited into web optimized chapters, posted to view for free online
  • Online exclusive segments, removed from the broadcast version for the time-slot run time

Live webcast with Mark Bittman

  • Live streamed video with archived video of the event 
  • User submitted questions and live web audience interaction