Media Production

A sampling of multimedia and video projects in my production portfolio


Commercial Post-Production

Post-production supervision and CG project management at CVLT

While working as a freelance post producer at the commercial production agency CVLT, I provided producer and project management services for a variety of post-production tasks including editing, color grading, CG effects, and motion graphics. As a client facing producer, I performed various tasks on several projects such as managing budgets and timelines, ensuring quality control, obtaining client approvals, and providing technical consultation to define requirements. A sampling of the consumer facing spots can be found by clicking the button below.

Interactive video pages for

Interactive video pages for

Double Take

Branded interactive video series for Amazon Studios

This interactive video series uses animated interviews with historians to take look at what the world might look like if selected events in WWII had gone in a different direction. Produced in nine weeks and composed of approximately 23 minutes of footage over three episodes, each installment utilizes interactive video features to allow the viewer to choose how they explore the narrative. Due to the scope of the project, which includes  audio reporting, an original theme, an editable, interactive video product, archival photo curation, and uniquely styled animation, I took on additional responsibilities as the video director and even performed some executive producer functions hiring and budgeting the staff of artists that made up the crew. Visit the branded series page, which includes supporting articles and a slideshow, to see everything as developed for the Guardian website, or click the button below to see all segments used for within the interactive experience.

Stills from the series video series for Side Hustle.

Stills from the series video series for Side Hustle.

Side Hustle

A branded documentary video series for Squarespace

This 16 episode branded content series documents the journeys of four people developing their side-hustle. The series follows a theater director, two gin makers, a beef jerky creator, and a creative florist. We used an unscripted, journalistically-inspired documentary style to follow the four subjects over the course of four months, documenting their push to turn their side-hustle into a viable businesses. We used the subject matter, casting, and the edit of the footage to align the story with Squarespace's brand idea that anyone in today's world can turn their passion into something more. For this project, my producer role involved oversight of the production company, managing the timeline, maintaining the projected budget, coordinating talent, casting, and supervising rounds of edit to ensure each episode was delivered on time. As we followed each subject's organic development, this series required a rigorous shoot schedule of nearly 20 production days spread out over 4 months in conjunction with post-production and episode delivery.


Side Hustle podcasts

A branded podcast feature for Squarespace

As part of the larger Side Hustle series, which included a series of articles and infographics,, we partnered with Andrea Silenzi (Why Oh Why, Panoply) to create two one-off podcasts looking at various ways people make their side-hustle happen. While Silenzi should receive credit for most of the excellent creative work on these, I acted as producer and line-producer for these pieces, booking studios, scheduling guests, and ensuring the client was involved and approving creative during production milestones. My favorite of the two features is embedded here to provide a flavor of the two audio features.


Powering the computers inside us

Branded animation for Optum

This short video illustrates the ways that advances in healthcare technology, especially around genetic research and testing, will dramatically reshape the way we live. Working with a small team of four people and an even smaller budget, I wrote the visual treatment and found animation solutions to deliver a high-quality project for the client's campaign.



Trash to gas

Branded animated explainer for UPS

For part of our branded content campaign creating audience-friendly stories from UPS yearly sustainability report, we created an animated explainer showing the relatively recent technology that allows for the creation of gas from waste, making this form of gas energy a renewable resource. We worked with strategy to define the 'white board' aesthetic of the animation in the sales process, helping us find an affordable method to provide our client with video storytelling in their content campaign.


Cold case podcast: California cop talks murder and mystery

A branded podcast feature for Amazon Studios

While writing the core program for the branded series How to Solve a Murder created for Amazon Studios Bosch, it came to my attention that we had every interview used in the research digitally recorded. Pitching the podcast as a 'bonus' piece of content to the client, I worked with the branded edit team to compile a story out of the raw interview audio and record voiceover in a style inspired by the true-crime podcast Serial. The result was the piece here, which became an key portfolio piece in selling new branded podcast projects to future clients.



Let Us Breathe Forum Livestream

Technical production for the North Star Fund's Let Us Breathe Forum's live YouTube broadcast

The North Star Fund wanted to livestream the opening panel in order to enhance their mission to provide accessibility two all walks of people who want to engage with their events. Working with Almoradie Media, I acted as technical producer for the event documentation and YouTube implementation, advising on equipment required for a live-cast, monitoring the live feed, and assisting with the archiving process for the final video. 


Storyful Promo Reels

Promotional video to advertise viral video verticals for Storyful

Storyful wanted a better way to advertise their vast library of licensable video content to news and entertainment producers. After analyzing and choosing the strongest subject verticals in their library, I created, edited, and published several reels that looked at the best clips available in sports, baby, animals, and weather subject matter. Utilizing Creative Commons music to eliminate external costs, these videos gave the company strong advertising collateral on a minimal budget.


Am I Dandy?

An original short for The Doc Challenge, a juried competition for documentary shorts

Spearheaded by friend and documentary producer Lisa Dapolito, I co-produced and co-directed a short documentary about Dandy subculture and style. Collaborating with a team of fellow producers (Lisa Dapolito, Desireena Almoradie, and Alexa Benitez) and DPs (Cory Dross and Rob Poswall) and working over the weekend, we created this this short doc in our spare time with no budget for the 2014 Doc Challenge, a juried competition of short documentaries concepted, produced, edited, and delivered within a 72 hour window. Within the team, I was responsible for sourcing talent, vetting rights for 3rd party material, writing interview questions, and supervising the interview. While we did not win the competition, our short is currently the most watched entry on The Doc Challenge's YouTube channel by approximately 20,000 views. 


Live Google Hangout with Soledad O'Brien

A live question and answer video cast with a panel of journalists for Al Jazeera America

For the launch of the Al Jazeera America, the network wanted to create a live online event to introduce audiences to its current event programming and star journalists. Hosted by America Tonight's digital producer Azmat Khan and featuring Soledad O'Brien alongside a panel of senior journalists, the program utilized YouTube's emerging Live Hangouts technology and accepted live questions from the audience. I researched and implemented all technical aspects of production, worked with studio staff at the Newseum studio to implement a live connection, coordinated talent, and planned the show's discussion block format for the event. 

A still from Annie Hall used in Woody Allen: A Documentary

A still from Annie Hall used in Woody Allen: A Documentary

Interview with Bob Weide

Original video for PBS American Masters Woody Allen: A Documentary

With 2012's Woody Allen: A Documentary, PBS was looking to create more exclusive behind the scenes content to provide viewers with original online material and promote the airdate of the film. I produced an original clip, writing a series of questions to answer on film and using b-roll from Allen's films that had already been cleared for the documentary broadcast. The clip was distributed online to promote the airdate and as a DVD extra with the feature length film. See clip below:

Still of a skit with Amy Sedaris from the online only episode of Make 'Em Laugh

Still of a skit with Amy Sedaris from the online only episode of Make 'Em Laugh

Teh Internets

An original online documentary for PBS series Make 'Em Laugh

With an intentionally misspelled name referencing online culture and humor of the time, I produced an original half hour episode published online with the 2009 documentary series Make 'Em Laugh. Hosted by Amy Sedaris, who narrated the broadcast episodes, the show looked at up and coming comedians and their points of view on how internet culture has contributed to comedy. I hired the crew and recruited interview talent, featuring stars using the internet to find an audience and get their start like Amy Schumer and Jenny Slate. While the show is no longer available online after a PBS Video portal relaunch, it featured five originally scripted skits where Sedaris riffed on themes such as 'going viral', the definition of the internet, and unintentional YouTube stars in between thoughtful discussion with young comedians. Two promos from the show can still be found and give a flavor of the program.