A sampling of work where I worked as an editor or producer/editor. Due to rights allowances with the material, my two-minute demo reel is available only on request via password protected link. Please contact me for the link. I can work on-site and also have a home edit station with a dedicated GPU for high resolution video processing for remote work.


Fundraising Trailer Editing

Editing services to create a fundraising trailer for a documentary on Alzheimers

I edited a trailer to assist with fundraising for a documentary by filmmaker Dawn Green which tells an autobiographical story about the effect of Alzheimer’s disease on her life. The trailer helped her raise over 8,000 dollars in an IndieGoGo campaign and helped secure in-kind donated support from the Cardozo Indie Film Law Clinic. The film, Sheltering Love, is still currently in early production and development. You can learn more at shelteringlovefilm.com.

Sizzle Reel Editing

Editing services for designer Ken Baldwin

I edited a quick sizzle reel for designer Ken Baldwin to showcase his commercial projects for a new venture, with a focus on beauty and product commercial work. All footage provided by Ken Baldwin.


Fundraising trailer edit for documentary in production

Editing services for independent doc

I edited a fundraising trailer for Thanks, and Sorry to Bother You, a documentary currently in production. I created proxies and organized selects to share with the producer and director from nearly 45 hours of original material. Together we collaborated on a mini-doc version of the footage that outlined the plot of the planned feature for use in grant and funding applications. This work sample is only available via password protected link. Please contact me to see more. 


PSA Edit for the Mayor's Office of New York

Editing services for State of the City 2018

I worked as an additional editor alongside lead editor Jason Linzer to create a PSA style mini-documentary to serve as an intro to Mayor Bill de Blasio's 2018 State of the City address. The piece was produced by Rachel Velasquez and Jason Linzer with Julia Pitch as the Director of Photography. 


Web content for Glamour magazine

Additional editor services for online content in the lifestyle sector

While working freelance as an additional editor at CNE, I edited a quick and snappy piece for Glamour magazine. Composed of multi-cam footage of stand up interviews, the spot is edited for humor, character, and pacing in a 'reality show' style aesthetic. 

Edit Reel

AVID Film Editing

Scenes created while studying at The Edit Center

During a six-week bootcamp on technical and creative editing, I worked collaboratively with the other participants to create the first rough cuts of two films, one documentary and one narrative. The instruction included an overview of feature length and long-form technical best practices as well as creative decision making in post-production. A reel of my designated scenes are available on request via a password protected link. Please contact me to view the reel.


Cold case podcast: California cop talks murder and mystery

A branded podcast feature for Amazon Studios

While writing the core program for the branded series How to Solve a Murder created for Amazon Studios Bosch, it came to my attention that we had every interview used in the research digitally recorded. Pitching the podcast as a 'bonus' piece of content to the client, I worked with the branded edit team to compile a story out of the raw interview audio and record voiceover in a style inspired by the true-crime podcast Serial. The result was the piece here, which became an key portfolio piece in selling new branded podcast projects to future clients.



Storyful Promo Reels

Promotional video to advertise viral video verticals for Storyful

Storyful wanted a better way to advertise their vast library of licensable video content to news and entertainment producers. After analyzing and choosing the strongest subject verticals in their library, I created, edited, and published several reels that looked at the best clips available in sports, baby, animals, and weather subject matter. Utilizing Creative Commons music to eliminate external costs, these videos gave the company strong advertising collateral on a minimal budget.

A still from Annie Hall used in Woody Allen: A Documentary

A still from Annie Hall used in Woody Allen: A Documentary

Interview with Bob Weide

Original video for PBS American Masters Woody Allen: A Documentary

With 2012's Woody Allen: A Documentary, PBS was looking to create more exclusive behind the scenes content to provide viewers with original online material and promote the airdate of the film. I produced an original clip, writing a series of questions to answer on film and using b-roll from Allen's films that had already been cleared for the documentary broadcast. The clip was distributed online to promote the airdate and as a DVD extra with the feature length film. See clip below: